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T.O. Stanley Boots

T.O Stanley Boots are arguably the best boots ever made. Tyler Beard wrote this. February 5th,2004 To anyone lucky enough to know T.O Stanley, For more than twenty years I have referred to T.O. as one of the consummate cowboy boot makers in the world. He was a legend in the business before, during, and after I researched and wrote, "The Cowboy Boot Book" in 1992, "100 Years of Western Wear" in 1993, and "Art of the Boot" in 1999. I also plan to do a special 'lifetime' feature on T.O.in my upcoming book with Time Warner, which will be released in 2005, entitled "More Cowboy Boots." There is nobody in the cowboy boot world who has continued to supply beautifully constructed boots while keeping one eye on tradition and another on the future and what styles and trends are on the horizon. A great man, a great bootmaker, a great Texan. Tyler Beard

T.O. Stanley Alligator Cowboy Boot
T.O. Stanley Full Lizard Cowboy Boots
T.O. Stanley Goat Western Boot
T.O. Stanley "Country Lady" Boot
T.O. Stanley Flowers  Call for more details!
T.O. Stanley Buffalo Calf Cowboy Boots
T.O. Stanley Lizard Cowboy Boots
T.O. Stanley Ostrich Cowboy Boots
T.O. Stanley Kangaroo Western Boots
TO Stanley Elephant Boots
T.O. Stanly Regal Alligator Boots
T.O.Stanly Black Buffalo Calf