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Ladies’ Exotic Skin Boots

Ladies, if you are looking for a pair of real showstoppers, look no further than our collection of exotic skin boots. Find rare leather types in classic Western and bold designs at Tim’s Boots. Try everything from frog to stingray in our exotic selection. Our popular Star, Los Altos and Black Jack boot designs come in a wide variety of leathers.

For an unforgettable look, try the Jackie Style ostrich cowgirl boot. This pink ostrich and black Nubuck pair are hand-crafted out of durable and comfortable leathers. Enjoy a pair of cowgirl boots that showcase your feminine style. The Pin ostrich with hand-tooled and hand-painted uppers are luxurious and elegant. Our exotic boots selection features over 50 Los Altos pairs. Try a Caiman crocodile, lizard, ostrich, stingray, python or eel Los Altos pair in tons of neutral and bright colors. Define your style with a bright pink ostrich boot or a sleek black eel pair.
Ladies Snakeskin Boots
"Jackie Style" Ostrich Cowgirl Boot
Reg. Price: $889.95
Sale Price: $847.00
Women's Black Cherry Full Quill Ostrich Boots
Reg. Price: $759.95
Sale Price: $627.00
Star Boots Women's Black Full Quill Ostrich Vamp
Reg. Price: $709.95
Sale Price: $627.00
Black Jack Ostrich Ladies' Cowgirl Boots
Reg. Price: $929.95
Sale Price: $917.00
Black Jack Alligator Hornback Cowgirl Boots
Reg. Price: $1,895.00
Sale Price: $1,727.00
Black Jack Full Quill Ostrich Cowgirl Boots
Reg. Price: $1,199.95
Sale Price: $1,167.00
Pin Ostrich With Hand Tooled and Hand Painted Uppers
Reg. Price: $2,095.95
Sale Price: $2,037.00