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Black Jack Anteater Boots - Very Limited Availability

AUGUST 2007 - Sold Out - call if you want this type of boot we may be able to find some skins or at least put your name on the list if any7 more hides come available 1-800-771-4214

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Price: $2,377.00
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Item Description
February 9 2007. If you want some anteater boots today is the day to order. Anteater has been placed on the endangered species list and is no longer available for import. There have been no skins available for at least a year and may never be any available again. Yesterday enough skins were found to make 16 pair. 4 Black, 4 Brown, 4 Cognac and 4 Burgundy. All of the brown and the 2 black were sold within 24 hours. I don't expect these the remaining skins to remain unsold for long. Please don't miss the opportunity which will probably never be seen again to pass. I hav

Update Feb 10 - 10 of the 16 have been sold as of now. There is 1 Black, 2 Cognac, and 3 Burgundy left - don't delay or you'll miss out.

Update Feb 19 - 1 cognac, 2 bugundy left

Update Feb 23 - 12 more Browns came in, may be some black skins in next week.

Update March 8th - We now have enough for 10 Black pair, 10 Brown, 1 Cognac, and 1 Burgundy. I think this will be all that will come avialable.

Update April 16th - Several have sold and a couple more came in from the supplier - As of today 6 Black, 3 Brown, 3 Cognac, 2 Burgundy - Don't wait or you'll be disappointed.

July 7th - I heard last week there are only 2 -3 skins left - this will probably be the last chance for these boots at any price. Don't wait - order today.

Here is a comment from a recent customer:
"I just received my brown anteaters, and I'm speechless. That may be the best looking boot I've ever seen! The skin is perfect and the color is absolutely awesome. Thanks for all your help and follow up. I can't tell you how glad I am that I emailed you my request." Rob March 6, 2007
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